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I’m an experienced editorial leader and a creator of compelling digital and print content with nearly 20 years of major consumer magazine & agency experience, extensive editing expertise, and a background in adapting content to digital space. As a passionate content strategist and developer, I bring brands’ stories to life in the digital realm. My MFA in creative writing taught me the art of crafting narratives that engage and resonate with target audiences, as well as meet client KPIs and build brand awareness.

In the ever-evolving content landscape, I aim to deliver seamless and impactful digital experiences across a myriad of platforms. I have an established history of developing successful strategies and workflows that drive engagement, streamline efficiency, and meet client/consumer objectives.

Combining my love of writing with creative problem solving, I thrive in multidisciplinary roles that function cross-departmentally and collaboratively.

Let’s work together and explore how the power of words, design, and technology can shape your narrative and elevate your user journey to leave a lasting impression!


Having been in the magazine industry a decade plus, I’ve been fortunate enough to have donned different caps, allowing me to adapt to varying methods of content creation, evolving personal preferences, fluctuating deadlines and goals, and general production concerns. I know how multifaceted your project is and can plan accordingly with deliverables, whether it involves reworking written material, changing editorial direction, or modifying visual concepts.


As a creative individual working within a corporate construct, I nurtured my craft while interacting day in and day out with the best in my field, along with those in many others. I’m familiar with the business, marketing, and budgetary bottom lines, and tailor my work to your expectations. I will make myself available to you to discuss not only your vision, but also any concerns or stipulations that undoubtedly come up along the way.


Your project is unique, and as such, we will communicate clearly and candidly so I fully understand what you hope to get accomplished. With me getting to know you better and vice versa, we can create cohesively and efficiently. As your point-person for the entire scope of the project, I’m invested from its inception to the final result. Let’s work together, you’ll like me, I promise.

Let’s work together