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Project & Client Overview

There’s not much introduction needed for one of the world’s largest footwear and sports equipment manufacturers. This Japanese company has been empowering people to hit the pavement and lead more active lifestyles for decades. ASICS’ cult fan following can be attributed as much to its quality gear as to the immense community fostered by races and events the company sponsors worldwide. As such, I was brought on as the Senior Copywriter to craft messaging for a number of these events, both in the US and on a global scale. Content pieces included email blasts, in-app messaging and pop-ups in the Runkeeper app, event signage, and banners and posters.

Considerations & Challenges

Engaging Messaging for a Global Audience
With races, events, and community gatherings that spanned anywhere from the northeastern United States to participants in Asia and all over the world, creating inspiring, fun messaging that translated across borders was definitely a challenge! I kept to the ASICS’ core by focusing on their mantra of encouraging personal drive and resilience, even when the journey gets tough. We had record turn-out for two races for which I created marketing materials and signage, the Falmouth Road Race in Falmouth, MA, and the Ekiden Relay Race, a digital global team relay connecting runners worldwide via the Runkeeper app.

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The More You Know:

The brand’s core value is actually reflected in its eponymous acronym: “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano,” meaning “Healthy Soul In a Healthy Body.” This philosophy emphasizes the importance of physical fitness and well-being in achieving a balanced and fulfilled life.

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