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While the brand itself doesn’t need much of an introduction, Aveeno’s new, revamped website and brand redesign were a major undertaking, challenging the company’s established look and feel in visuals and content. As the Senior Content Strategist on the team, I was tasked with creating an overarching content strategy to serve as both a road map for content marketing goals and a modern foundation for brand identity. I collaborated closely with Design, UX/UI, and Products teams to create a website that renewed Aveeno’s commitment to combining scientific research with naturally selected ingredients. In addition to the high-level strategy, I also worked within wireframes to create all the content on the main pages, utilized SEO best practices for searchability, and wrote headlines that embodied the brand’s legacy and efficacy.

Considerations & Challenges

Creativity Meets Compliance
Although there was no shortage of creative ways to express Aveeno’s purpose and product offerings, we met a massive roadblock in what could be said per J&J’s strict Regulatory and Compliance guidelines. While this wasn’t surprising given the regulation and legal oversight in the pharmaceutical field, it did create challenges on how far we could push the creative boundary and required us to pivot quickly and adeptly to come up with solutions to satisfy both the brand partners and legal teams. In the end, we launched a site that spoke to Aveeno’s legacy and scientific roots, with consumer-friendly content that communicated the brand’s trustworthiness and efficacy of their products.

The More You Know:

Brothers Sidney and Albert Musher were researching the effect of raw cereals, including oats, on dry, irritated skin. In 1945, they discovered the soothing and relieving benefits of finely milled colloidal (powdered) oatmeal. With the help of the Mayo Clinical Dermatology Center, the Aveeno brand was born.

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