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Project & Client Overview

A subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon is a leading global provider of surgical products and solutions, such as surgical sutures, wound closure devices, and other advanced surgical instruments. They also lead the charge in several sustainability efforts, therefore they asked our team to create a video to highlight these endeavors in a relevant way. As the Senior Content Strategist, I interviewed key stakeholders and conducted extensive research on their various sustainability initiatives to come up with three different themes/directions for a short (3-minute) video. I worked with a designer to then script and create the video highlighting specific quantified examples of Ethicon’s accomplishments in globally sustainable practices.


So Much to Say in So Few Minutes
Because of their numerous initiatives, Ethicon had multiple compelling facts and data regarding their work in sustainability, and narrowing down which to include and in what direction to proceed that would also be acceptable to the client team was overwhelming. I had to thoughtfully choose which statistics would speak to a broad audience and still capture the breadth of Ethicon’s eco efforts. In the end, our video successfully captured not only Ethicon’s dedication but the tangible impact their practices have already achieved.

The More You Know:

If you strung together all the sutures that Ethicon produces annually, you’d be able to circumnavigate the globe several times over!

Ethicon Sustainability Video

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