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Hanson Bridgett

Project & Client Overview

Hanson Bridgett is a certified B-corp law firm based in California known for its innovative approach and commitment to delivering tailored legal solutions that drive client success. In the months I spent working with the team at HB, I helped develop the firm’s strategic positioning concepts, rewrote website copy for all main landing pages, and created a verbal and tonal identity playbook from scratch that’s currently utilized to inform their communications across platforms.

Considerations & Challenges

Keeping the Core Values
Hanson Bridgett is unique amongst law firms in that it’s very active within its local communities. They are genuinely passionate about their California roots and the neighborhoods in which they live and serve, therefore the on-site content had to reflect this fundamental strand of the firm’s DNA. Based on these important client considerations, I created a verbal and tonal playbook that demonstrated these core values, as well as offered step-by-step guidance on how to implement this voice in future communications. I presented side-by-side examples of their existing copy and new, fresh content written with their key principles in mind. Today, Hanson Bridgett’s site truly reflects who they are as a firm, as a team, and brings forth their mission and purpose in the legal field.

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