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Project & Client Overview

If you’ve ever rubbed elbows in the world of finance, then you’ve definitely heard of KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P.). With over $500 billion AUM (assets under management as of 7/2023), KKR is one of the largest and most well-known private equity firms globally, with investments in private equity, credit, real estate assets, infrastructure, and technology. Although KKR’s revenue and numerous high-profile acquisitions and investments across different industries speak for themselves, this finance behemoth’s digital footprint felt more like an analog stride. I was brought on as Digital Content Manager to not only revitalize content across this massive site relaunch, but also support UX/UI efforts on the backend to better organize, archive, and streamline the restructuring.

Considerations & Challenges

Creating a Solid and Consistent Digital Foundation
At almost 50 years old, KKR is one of the longest-running private equity firms in the country. And as with many legacy institutions come legacy problems – in the case of KKR, their investment product offerings and financial ecosystem grew more rapidly than the digital foundations upon which they were built. This led to inconsistencies across websites and a truly cumbersome, if not often frustrating, user experience. Our Digital Team rebuilt this entire experience on a new platform, implemented SEO strategy for current and new content, and unified KKR’s vast expertise and offerings for a cohesive, digital-first journey.

In addition to working on the main KKR site, a small group of us were tapped to create and launch KKR’s subsidiary Real Estate management company’s website, K-Star. K-Star Asset Management LLC is a real estate credit services platform that was established in 2022 by KKR and offers a variety of services, including: special servicing, loan asset management, underwriting and due diligence services, securities investing, risk management, and client experience. In collaboration with the K-Star team, I wrote all web content and headlines for their brand new stand-alone site.

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