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Project & Client Overview

Everyone knows they can rely on Lubriderm. The brand is recognized for cost-effective, reliable skincare solutions without unnecessary additives and no-frills formulations. This tried-and-true dependability also read as…boring. In a $140 billion global skincare market, buzz words and influencer trends have been dictating increasing sales. Our creative team was brought on board to help revive Lubriderm by establishing the brand’s presence on social media (Instagram), updating all on-product label copy, and redesigning landing pages on their website.

Considerations & Challenges

Maintaining Brand Integrity while Modernizing
How do you avoid alienating the Lubriderm Loyalists (the core base of Lubriderm users, many of whom swear by the products for decades), but revitalize the brand so that it appeals to younger generations, as well? It was important for the team at Lubriderm that the design and content never stray far from the brand’s roots in reliability and medical research, therefore our creative team towed a fine line between maintaining brand heritage and coming up with approaches that felt more modern. As the Senior Content Strategist, I put together a social media strategy and campaign messaging plan and garnered 5,000 followers the first year of launch! I streamlined and rewrote all on-product label copy (check it out on shelves today), and wrote the content for Lubriderm’s About page.

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The More You Know:

The name Lubriderm comes from the combination of “lubricant” and the ancient Greek term “derm” for skin to describe the product’s moisturizing and dermatological benefits. Developed in 1945 by pharmacist Louis Schleuse, for many years Lubriderm was available only for doctor and hospital use to relieve dry, itchy, and rough skin.

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Our work was recognized with Johnson & Johnson’s internal Trailblazer Awards for the new Lubriderm Brand Experience
The Impact Awards Trailblazer Award

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