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Project & Client Overview

While they’re mainly known for their financial services and retirement plans, TIAA is also highly rated as a place of employment, with 75% of current employees recommending the organization for would-be candidates. TIAA wanted a paid LinkedIn recruitment campaign, so I put together an overarching strategy that targeted different roles appealing to a diverse audience base. Using A/B tests we were also able to try different visual and copy treatments.

Considerations & Challenges

Maintaining a Core of Inclusivity
TIAA prioritizes DEI initiatives within its workforce and across its operations, therefore their recruitment campaign had to align with these values of diversity, as well as the client directive to demonstrate a drive for innovation and foster a positive work environment. Through varied content and design treatments – use of quotes, image and text overlay, etc. – we came up with a rolling campaign that checked both the project’s and broader organization’s boxes for success.


The More You Know:

Formerly known as the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America-College Retirement Equities Fund, TIAA, founded in 1918, was initially established to provide retirement benefits to university professors and educators.

Employer Branding Social Campaign

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